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Working with Iron Solutions LLC means working with a fabrication partner that has access to the raw materials and purchase components needed for your project, timeline and budget in order to stay on track. You can count on Iron Solutions LLC to have the in-house knowledge, experience and capabilities to deliver precisely what you need. We're here to help you succeed by being there every step of the way throughout the process. 

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Iron Solutions LLC is a small company that specializes in Steel Fabrication and Installation. The company is a family owned business who truly believes in dedication to clients and being the point of contact that is committed for the life of your project, from design to delivery.  From small transfer carts to immense bulk hoppers, our team ensures accuracy and quality are built in from the start. Iron Solution LLC believes that time is money, which is why we assemble to the fullest extent possible and test-run your metal fabrication before shipping. 

Iron Solutions LLC is located in Thomaston, GA. We have two main shops in Thomaston, and a third in Milledgeville, GA. Our Thomaston facilities include: One 50' x 175' fabrication shop with a 50 ton crane capacity in which also has a high bay that allows 18 ft tall structure to be assembled in the shop, and one 50' x 40' fabrication shop with yet another 50 ton crane capacity. Our Milledgeville shop is a 30' x 40' fabrication shop. All jobs are assembled in the shop to check clearances and to insure all parts fit and run accurately. Our shop standards and procedures result in high quality product and reduces re-work on the job site. 

The Iron Solutions shop equipment includes a computerized burn table, 50 ton Shear and Punch Machine, multiple Welding Machines, 50 Ton Crane, 6 Ton Crane, Portable Crane, Drill Presses, and Cut Off Saws. 

The Field Crew is supported by Safety Training and Personal Protective Equipment. Field Equipment includes a Mobile Shop in the form of a 56' long trailer, with work benches on each side to allow fabrication of conveyor trusses, or similar fabrication on site. 

Typical Iron Solutions LLC shop projects are large and small, some of which include structural steel fabrication, plate work for chutes and hoppers, pipe fitting, equipment skids, handrails, stairs, platforms, and utility and production carts. Materials include but are not limited to plain steel, stainless and alloy steels, aluminum, and other materials as required. 

Typical Iron Solutions LLC Field Projects include installing all items fabricated in our shops, in addition to concrete placement, rebar forming, and millwright work for machine assembly and commissioning. 

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Industrial Mining


Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Iron Solutions LLC Recent Projects

Stainless Steel

Iron Solutions LLC Recent Projects

Stainless Steel

Iron Solutions LLC Recent Projects

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  • Heavy Duty Work Platforms

  • A36 Carbon Steel Hoppers

  • Overhead Conveyor Systems

  • Plate Work for Chutes and Hoppers

  • Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Pipe Fitting

  • Equipment Skids

  • Handrails, Stairs, Ladders, Etc. 

  • Sheet Metal Joining

  • Sheet Metal Welding

  • Rebar Forming

  • Concrete Placement

  • Machining

  • Cutting

  • Welding

  • Delivery & Instillation

Steel Scaffolding

Tyson Jacobs


3420 Yatesville Highway

Thomaston, GA



117 Teal Court NW

Milledgeville, GA 

The Old Man:
Rick Jacobs

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